LOTD 401 Drink In The Fruit...

sábado, julho 22, 2017


Head: Genesis Lab x MOSSU We Want Summer Bento Mesh Anis 1# (Gacha/RARE) *Exclusive @Epiphany Event* New!
Skin: Geneis Lab Deli *Exclusive @Shiny Shabby Event* New!
Body: Maitreya Lara 4.1


Hair: TRUTH HAIR Tory (Gift Group Vip) New!
Top: Blueberry Kiki New!
Shorts: Blueberry Kiki New!
Shoes: Essenz Croatia *Exclusive @Shiny Shabby Event* New!


Glasses And Drink: Empire Beach Day (Gacha) *Exclusive @Epiphany Event* New!
- 17# Sungalsses Silver
- 22# Drink Fruit

Xoxo *.*

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