LOTD 500 Restart...

segunda-feira, janeiro 22, 2018


Available in Kustom9:
Piano: [Zerkalo] Grand Piano *Exclusive @Kustom9 Event* New!
Hearts: SAYO Heart Full Of Roses *Exclusive @Kustom9 Event* New!
Frame, Light Fixture and Flower Vase: Ariskea Freesia *Exclusive @Kustom9 Event* New!

Available in The Epiphany:
Stairs: [Zerkalo] Z-Tease (Gacha) *Exclusive @The Epiphany Event* New!

Available COLLABOR88:
Buffalo, Chandelier and Armchair: Milk Motion Moody Blooms *Exclusive @COLLABOR88 Event* New!

Other Decorations:
Plant 1: Dust Bunny Potted Cheese Plant
Plant 2: Soy Potted Plants Set - Pothos
Curtains: ::KKs:: 2 Lace Curtains Pack
Golden Flowers: Ariskea Hustler

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