LOTD 688 Perfect kitchen...

segunda-feira, maio 13, 2019

Head: Genus Project Baby Face W001 (Bento)
Body: Belleza Freya (Hands Bento)
Skin: Glam Affair Alison * @Access New!
Hair: Exile Hayley * @Soiree New!
Top: Blueberry Alicia * @Uber New!
Pants: Blueberry Alicia * @Uber New!
Necklace: Kibitz Summer Loving

Animation: Le Poppycock Castaway Aquatic Allure 1# (Gacha)

Hive Hanging Pot Rack + Covered Cookware Set FLF New Mainstore!
Hive Modular Modern Farmhouse Kitchen * @Uber New!
Foxwood Floppet (Gacha) * @Epiphany New!
- 3# Cream Float
- 12# Cream Follow
Hive Homemade Orange Juice
Hive The Perfect Pie (Gacha)
- Homemade Cherry Filling
- Butter Tray
- Fresh Cherries
- Dough Bowl
Apple Fall Looking East
Apple Fall Anashara Autumn Dining
Apple Fall Autumn Treats (Cacha)
- 2# Chocolate & Cherry Tart
- 3# Magnolia Spray
- 6# Coffee To Go
- 8# Treats Platter
- 11# Donut In Gift Box

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